Another year came and went and with it a slew of celebrities were fictitiously killed. The rise of the satirical website has duped thousands of naïve netizens to believe some of their favorite superstars died, no matter how untrue. Whether it was a bogus overdose or a fabricated stabbing, there was no shortage of celebrity death hoaxes in 2014. So, what better way to ring in the New Year than by taking a look at some of the most outrageous ones? OK, there might be better ways to anticipate 2015, but before the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve, check out the list of high-profile celebs that were “killed” according to the fake stories posted below.

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner Hugh Hefner's wife Crystal debunked the Playboy mogul's rumored death on Twitter. Photo: Reuters

He might be 88 years old, but the Playboy mogul is alive and well. Some people were confused if the adult magazine tycoon was still kicking after a phony story made waves on Facebook. The website “” tricked hundreds of thousands when they ran a story that said Hefner died of natural causes in his infamous mansion. The story was eventually taken down, probably because the octogenarian was watching the Clint Eastwood film “American Sniper” when rumors of his demise circulated.

Bobby Shmurder

The rapper might be incarcerated, but the buzz that he was stabbed to death at Riker’s Island had some fans worried. However, there was no real reason for anyone to worry. The speculation of Shmurder’s passing turned out to be a sham. It was, after all, fabricated by Huzlers, a website that is notorious for making hoax stories go viral.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus "survived" multiple death hoaxes in 2014. Photo: Reuters

Death hoaxes and pregnancy rumors seem to follow the “Wrecking Ball” singer. Miley Cyrus, 22, was “killed” and accused of being pregnant multiple times in 2014. The most recent farce claimed that the star, who isn’t shy about her recreational marijuana use, overdosed. Not only was the story bogus, but it also prompted Facebook users to share a video (that didn’t exist) about her alleged death or take a survey. The hoax was soon disproved after the social-media-savvy starlet took to Instagram and proved she was indeed alive.

Macaulay Culkin

Speaking of taking to social media after your own supposed death, the “Home Alone” star took the rumor in stride and even played along after he was allegedly found dead in his New York City apartment. Culkin, 34, took to Instagram to expose the rumor by re-creating a scene from the 1989 movie "Weekend at Bernie's.” The picture shows Culkin pretending to be dead as he lies in the arms of a Pizza Underground bandmate, ABC News wrote. The photo was liked more than 1,500 times and garnered dozens of comments.

Betty White

Betty White Get it right. Betty White dyed, not died, in 2014. Photo: Reuters

A grammar trick duped Twitterati into believing the lovable “Golden Girls” star passed away in her sleep. The truth is, she dyed, not died. Empire News wrote White, 92, “dyed peacefully at her Los Angeles home.” What the satirical news site meant was that she dyed her hair, not that she passed away. The scam worked and users began to mourn the beloved actress. Turns out, the nonagenarian is still with us. 

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