While Charlie Puth is enjoying the success of his first collaboration single with BTS’ Jungkook, he noticed something intriguing about the attitude of the K-pop star when it comes to sending text messages.

Puth said he enjoyed recording the song “Left and Right” with the 24-year-old singer but when it came to celebrating its release, Puth said he failed to get a proper phone conversation with Jungkook.

“He and I just text each other, ‘Yeah!!,’ and he’ll write back, ‘Wooow!!,’ and I’ll be writing back, ‘so good!!’ Happy face emoji and anime emoji and he’ll write back, ‘awww!!!’” Puth told Ethan Cole of Power 96.1 while backstage before his performance at the radio station’s Summer Ball in Alpharetta on Monday.

“So we don’t really talk other than that,” Puth told Cole. “I don’t think he likes to use his phone either.”

Cole surmised that Jungkook might just be living an artist’s lifestyle and prefers to live in the moment as opposed to getting hooked on his cellphone, and Puth agreed.

Loyal followers of BTS know that Jungkook is not the type who clings to his phone all day. In a video uploaded on the group’s official YouTube channel in May, Jungkook admitted he hates text messages and phone calls.

J-Hope asked Jungkook, “Why do you even have a phone?”

“Just cancel your service,” RM told the youngest member of the boy band. Jin also said he feels anxious when Jungkook does not answer his calls.

Earlier, Puth had told Maxwell of iHeartRadio’s “Z100 New York” that Jungkook was his first choice for a collaboration with BTS because they had previously worked together in 2018. "I love natural, real-life collaborations," the 30-year-old singer said.

In a separate interview on "Morning Mash Up" on SiriusXM, Puth also described Jungkook as "a very attractive human."

Upon its launch on June 24, “Left and Right” quickly climbed the #1 spot on iTunes in 100 countries, according to Koreaboo. On June 24 alone, the song officially had over 8.7 million streams on Spotify making it the biggest song debut on Spotify for a Korean singer. The track has crossed 23.8 million streams on Spotify, at the time of writing.

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