Charlie Sheen
One year ago — on Nov. 17, 2015 — Charlie Sheen sat down with the “Today” show in New York City to announce that he has HIV. Getty Images

One year ago, as rumors swirled, Charlie Sheen sat down for a television interview in which he shared shocking news about his health with the world. The former “Two and A Half Men” star announced, for the first time, that he is battling HIV.

In October, he opened up about life with HIV to The Hollywood Reporter, revealing that he had been participating in an FDA study for a new drug to treat the illness. Sheen said that the medication, called PRO 140, was “a global game-changer” and had no side effects. At the time, he had been a part of the study for 24 weeks and was feeling hopeful about the future.

“It is the closest thing to a cure that we could possibly have right now. You can live a completely normal life. You can self-administer,” he said.

Sheen, 51, has been open about his desire to find new ways to treat HIV since going public about his diagnosis. During a January appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Dr. Oz — who was said to be working closely with the “Anger Management” star — told host Andy Cohen the two were on a “chase” to find a cure. While he would not give away too many details about what paths they were hoping to take in doing so, he did share they were exploring some unconventional options.

“We’re going to take some untraveled roads together looking for it,” he said.

Shortly after Dr. Oz’s announcement, Sheen shared with viewers in a two-part “The Dr. Oz Show” interview that he and the professional were discussing alternative medicine, fitness’ role in helping to alleviate and/or cure certain ailments and important “lifestyle changes” Sheen — who is known to be a hard partier — would have to make.

Sheen’s HIV positive reveal was made during a live broadcast of “Today” on Nov. 17, 2015. The actor and father of five sat down to set the record straight about his medical condition amid reports from the tabloids and rumors following the 2014 Sony email hack. During his sit down with “Today,” Sheen assured viewers that he does not have AIDS. He stated that he had been prescribed medication which he will have to take for the rest of his life to manage his illness.