• The ship Smooth Sea 2 was carrying gasohol 91 and diesel 
  • A blast tore through the ship before a fire broke out
  • The police said the human remains have not been identified

The authorities in Thailand have found charred remains of a man onboard an oil tanker that caught fire, while being moored to a pier.

The ship was reportedly carrying 1.8 million liters of gasohol 91 and 1.3 million liters of diesel.

The blaze tore through the ship Smooth Sea 2, while it was anchored in the Thailand province of Samut Prakan on Wednesday, reported Bangkok Post. While one person was confirmed killed, three were reportedly injured in the incident.

It was not revealed if the remains were of the person confirmed to be dead.

An explosion had preceded the fire, The Thaiger reported. Ratthaphum Rattanachan, a crew member, told The Bangkok Post the ship was preparing to leave the pier when the blast happened in the middle of the vessel. That was followed by a loud bang and then flames.

The firefighters' team, which immediately arrived at the location, spent around 30 minutes controlling the fire, and preventing oil spillage into the river.

However, there are concerns the smoke and vapor pollution from the fire has affected about 200 households in three adjoining communities.

The local police authorities have assured nearby residents affected by the blaze that they would accept people's complaints. The residents should take photos of any damage to include with their complaints, the chief of Samut Prakan was quoted by the news outlets.

The shipping company would have to compensate the people, reports added.

While an investigation was going on into whether dangerous levels of oil or gas vapor remain on the vessel, the authorities also ordered a rapid inquiry into the cause of the fire.

Recently, a cargo ship carrying cars and SUVs from brands including Audi, Porsche, Bentley and Lamborghini, had sunk after catching fire in the Atlantic Ocean. The crew had abandoned the ship after the fire broke out. The ship had burned for days before attempts were made to safely tow it back to the port. However, Felicity Ace, which had been carrying nearly 4,000 vehicles from various Volkswagen Group brands, sunk midway.

A container ship is shown at the Port of Los Angeles
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