Since 2007 the FDA has been warning pet owners about products that have been causing dogs to become ill. The administration discovered that the number of complaints against a chicken-jerky dog-treat product from China had started to rise again in 2011. In their third caution since 2007, the FDA is continuing to investigate the illnesses as well as the origins. The FDA does acknowledge that not all of the reported illnesses may stem from the consumption of chicken jerky.

According to MSNBC, out of 22 priority 1 (animals 11 or younger with medical records) FDA cases late last year, 13 of them were cited as produced by Nestle Purina PetCare Co. The two specific brands of treats were Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch. Milo's Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats produced by the Del Monte Corp. was listed in three FDA cases last year.

What products should a dog owner look for?

While no specific brands have been identified by the FDA, they warn pet owners that the complaints are specifically directed towards those chicken-jerky products that are important from China. The dog product is dried and can be seen in stores as tenders, strips or treats. The FDA's product safety information page states that when a brand name is obtained they will take appropriate action and notify the public.

All products in question are still currently available for sale. While the FDA cannot remove products based off of complaints, they can urge pet owners to use caution with regard to chicken jerky products.

What signs of illness do dogs display?

If a dog is fed a chicken-jerky product, the FDA urges it's owners to monitor their behavior. According to the administrations website, signs of illness may occur anywhere from a few hours of eating the products to a few days. Dogs who have consumed the chicken jerky treats have reportedly suffered from decreased appetite and activity, vomiting, diarrhea which may contain blood, increased water consumption and increased urination. Some dogs have suffered from kidney problems that have resulted in death, but most have recovered from the illness.

What should a pet owner do if their dog displays signs of illness?

Pet owners should cease feeding dogs the chicken jerky product if they show signs of illness. If a dog's symptoms are sever or continue for over 24 hours the FDA recommends contacting your veterinarian. Tests done may show kidney failure or Fanconi-like syndrome, a result of increased glucose.

Chicken jerky that is believed to be causing illness should be held onto, and may be tested by the FDA.