New guidance has been released advising parents about exercise for children under the age of 5. Good health habits must start early, so Chief Medical Officers for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have come together with advice that's good for Americans, and others throughout the world.

America, for instance, is involved in an obesity epidemic, with over two-thirds of U.S. adults either overweight or obese. By starting starting children with good habits under the age of five, the problem can be curbed, experts say.

Here's what the experts found, with recommendations about exercise for children under the age of five:

-- Babies and toddlers spend too much time strapped in car seats and buggies. That should be reduced. Get them out more, and make them walk if they are able and move actively.

-- Toddlers should be physically active and allowed to move around freely for at least three hours per day.

-- Babies should be active from birth, using activity mats, swimming or through active engagement with another person.

-- All children under the age of five should spend as little time as possible in restraint devices.

-- Before children can walk, room to crawl around for hours each day is essential.

-- Active play should be sought for toddlers, involving activities that make children huff and puff.

--Swimming is a good activity for babies, when properly supervised, and all children under the age of five.

-- Television should be limited as a means of babysitting children under the age of five.