China's product safety chief has urged his officials not to be discouraged by current global concern about Chinese goods, but warned them in the same pep talk their jobs may be at risk if they don't perform up to scratch.

China has been struggling to convince a skeptical world it is seriously tackling what has appeared to be an endemic problem with product safety, following a series of scandals involving Chinese goods from toys to toothpaste.

Li Changjiang, head of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, told bureau staff during a visit to the southeastern coastal city of Xiamen they should study government admonitions on product safety hard.

All cadres and workers must properly face the quality work situation they are faced with at present, Li said, according to a statement posted on Monday on the watchdog's Web site (

At the moment, product quality and food safety work has become an important part of global economic development. The task is strenuous and responsibility heavy. What must be totally understood is that there will only be a position for you if you perform well.

But the hard work was all worth it, he added in an encouragement to his staff.

The more complex the situation, the more difficulties there are, the more you will be able to see a bright future. Work hard to raise the position and role of the bureau; do not fail the expectations of an important task, and don't shame your mission, Li said.

Turn pressure into a motivation to develop the cause and as a new opportunity, he added.

China insists the product safety problems are limited to a few errant manufacturers and that it is cracking down.

But it has also lashed out at foreign media for over-hyping the issue and said foreign companies with factories in China were equally responsible for ensuring safety.