The itchy dry red skin is well known to eczema sufferers and the painful sores from too much scratching are also well remembered. Science has concluded that eczema is a condition relating to the immune system and there is not complete cure so people all over the world have come to treat eczema symptoms in a variety of ways. More recently the west has been experimenting with Chinese herbs for eczema that have been used for hundreds of years in China and have found something interesting.

One trial used a tea made of a variety of different herbs and plants mixed together and taken regularly. Compared to the control group that took a placebo in place of the real tea it was found that the Chinese medicine had a scientifically proven success rate that helped clear up their eczema in comparison to the control group. It was found that stopping the treatment meant that the eczema came however and was not a long term cure but the impressive results against the symptoms of the condition.

The Chinese herbs used in the trial was a mish mash of different products used in China for various other conditions for years. The names are Akebia clematidis, Dictamnus dasycarpus, Glycyrrhiza uralensis, Ledebouriella seseloides, Lophatherum gracile, Paeonia lactiflora, Potentilia chinensis, Rehmannia glutinosa, Schizonepeta tenuifolia, and Tribulus terrestris. All of these are recognized by Chinese medical authorities as legitimate treatmenrts for skin ailments.

The main effects of these herbs in scientific terms are that of anti-inflammatory chemicals and also mild sedatives. The more complex components and effects are being more thoroughly researched however and many of the secrets of the East may be revealed later and may possibly be refined for western medicine. However for the moment Chinese herbalists can be found in increasing numbers all over the world so these treatments may be available already in their current state.

Again though it is stressed that Chinese herbs for eczema are not a cure but simply another option for sufferers to employ in a fight against their condition. The use of more alternative therapies and substances however is on the rise as home remedies and natural treatments are becoming a major industry that shows results, a fact that may frustrate many of the large western drug companies.

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