Perhaps being single isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. According to the Daily Mail, a Chinese bachelor cut off his penis because he “has no use for it.” After taking matters into his own hands, Yang Hu, 26, preceded to ride his bicycle to the hospital for treatment, realizing what he did was a mistake. After he got there, he realized that he had forgotten the severed member at home and the doctors urged him to rush home and retrieve it. Hu then had to cycle back to get it, then ride back to the hospital again in agony. When he returned, penis in hand, the likelihood of the doctors being able to help him was bleak.

Unfortunately, the second time back was too late; doctors said the penis could not be reattached because of severe blood loss. Hu’s friends told the Daily Mail that he become depressed after moving to Jiaxing and working long hours. His friends also confirmed that Hu’s depression deepened when he couldn’t find a significant other. After reaching his breaking point, Hu thought the only plausible solution was to cut off his manhood. Now, however, his chances of finding someone to share his life with are slim to none.

Hu believed that if he cut of the organ, he would stop thinking about not having a girlfriend. Hu attributed his lack of a love life to his long work hours, but he quickly realized that the dismemberment was a mistake, thus he cycled to the hospital. Hu worked in a clothing factory in Jiaxing, in Zhejiang province in east China.

This is not the first time being alone has lead to extreme behavior among 20-something individuals. In recent research presented by The Guardian, found that 86 percent of young people feel the pressure to succeed in their relationships, finances and jobs before hitting 30. For some, however, the pressure becomes to much to handle, as in the case with Yang Hu. The Guardian also reports that most young people find it hard to balance their work life while juggling their multiple relationships, both romantic and platonic. Whether Hu was in the midst of a quarter-life-crisis is unknown, however it can be assumed that the years of early adulthood need to be taken in stride rather than angst.