kelly hyland
Former "Dance Moms" star Kelly Hyland has had all charges against her following a 2013 incident with Abby Lee Miller (not pictured) dropped. Getty

The dance moms and the justice system have spoken. Eighteen months after Kelly Hyland and Abby Lee Miller went at it during a 2013 “Dance Moms” competition, resulting in Hyland's arrest and assault charges, the former Lifetime reality star has been excused of all charges.

The charges against Hyland, 43, will be dropped if she attends two days of counseling, a Bronx Supreme Court judge ordered Wednesday, according to the New York Daily News. Hyland also was instructed to "stay away" from Miller, 48, for “six months.” That shouldn’t be an issue as Hyland and her two daughters, Brooke and Paige, now 17 and 14, respectively, no longer dance at Miller’s famed Pittsburgh studio, the focus of the Lifetime series "Dance Moms."

While Hyland did not comment on the court case results due to a “pending legal matter,” her former co-star and off-screen friend Christi Lukasiak has spoken out. “Congrats to @dancemomkelly on all charges dropped!” Lukasiak, who left the “Dance Moms” series with her daughter Chloe Lukasiak in October, posted to Twitter Friday. “Considering I saw how things REALLY went down that day, exactly the right decision.”

When asked to further clarify her comments regarding the results, Lukasiak told one fan, “It means don’t believe everything you see on television.”

“Dance Moms” viewers will remember that Hyland and Miller sparred on the Season 4 episode “Big Trouble in the Big Apple.” The controversial installment aired in February 2014. The physical brawl -- which came as a result of Miller allegedly threatening to replace Brooke -- showed Hyland appearing to slap and pull Miller’s hair after Miller was shown attempting to bite the dance mom’s finger.

While Hyland was successful in getting the charges dropped against her in the 2013 scuffle, she wasn’t so lucky when it came to her lawsuit against Miller. In November, Deadline reported that a Los Angeles judge dropped Hyland’s emotional distress and defamation claims against Miller as well and the show’s production company, Collins Avenue Entertainment. A similar motion citing emotional distress filed by Paige also was reportedly dismissed.

Miller has not commented on the court case results.

“Dance Moms” is in its fifth season.