Details have emerged about Kevin Loibl, the man responsible for killing singer Christina Grimmie in Orlando, Florida, on Saturday. While he does not appear to have had any real connection to the former “Voice” star, he is thought to have imagined up quite a life for them.

As reported by TMZ, Loibl is said to have discussed marrying Grimmie, 22, on several occasions. Co-workers said he often listened to her music at work and would talk about playing online video games with her. Loibl reportedly went as far as altering his appearance to be more Grimmie’s type. Sources told TMZ he underwent a hair transplant, got Lasik eye surgery and adopted a vegan diet to shed a few pounds. Despite all this, people close to Grimmie maintain she and Loibl never had contact.

Loibl’s motive remains unclear, though co-workers have said he became enraged after learning Grimmie was in a relationship. TMZ reported co-workers pointed this fact out to him, teasing him for believing he had a shot with her. As the publication noted, Grimmie often appeared in photos with her producer, who is also believed to have been her boyfriend. The pair were not very public about their relationship, if they even had one, but they did take several photos together that suggested they may have been an item.

Grimmie's family has arranged her funeral for Friday. The entire ceremony will be paid for by Adam Levine, the Maroon 5 singer who coached Grimmie during her time on “The Voice” in Season 6. He is paying for the funeral as well as her mother’s flight to New Jersey, where she is originally from and will be buried. People magazine reported Grimmie’s funeral will be an “intimate” gathering of her family and members of her inner circle. While fans have not been invited to attend, they have had several opportunities to mourn her in public vigils around the country. One held Monday in New Jersey drew a large crowd of supporters.

Grimmie died Saturday after performing at the Plaza Live Theater in Orlando. She had played a show at the venue with her band, Before You Exit, and was meeting with fans to sign autographs and take photos. Loibl was reportedly waiting in line among other fans when he approached Grimmie and pointed a gun at her. He fired the weapon, killing her, and then shot himself.