Citi Bike has been making waves among New York City residents and tourists, enabling more people to travel the city without having to worry about locking up a bike or even catching a taxi or train. While that’s great for everybody looking for an easier way to get around the city, what about people who can't purchase access to a Citi Bike? Fabrizio Goldstein, a television personality and rapper also known as the Fat Jew, found another way to utilize the bikes and was caught on camera teaching a SoulCycle class for the homeless.

In the video, obtained by the Crosby Press, Goldstein is seen telling the person filming the class, “Indoor cycling, it’s too expensive. It’s not available to everybody. I want the homeless people of New York to have sick bodies. They can have really gorgeous bodies; they just need the right workout regimen. Citi Bike has really opened up a whole new world to [the homeless]”

When asked about if he was serious about teaching a SoulCycle class, Goldstein tweeted:

While docked, the Citi Bikes wheels still spin, as discovered by many residents and tourist of New York City, enabling more creative ways of using the bikes as Goldstein and many others have found.

What do you think about his idea? Do you think it is something that will take off, or is it just another quirk of New York? Let us know in the comments.