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As the old saying goes, you should “never judge a book by its cover.” The same can now go for smells after an Australian college’s library had a scare last week from an unexpected source.

Several students were just going about their day at the University of Canberra’s library when a strange scent started filling the air. As time went on, the smell became more pungent and strong as it filled the whole library. The scent was so strong that it prompted campus officials to evacuate the building.

The fear from officials was that there was a gas leak in the library because of how strong the smell was. But after checking the building, it was discovered that the source wasn’t a gas leak.

Instead, they discovered that the source of the stench was a durian.

A durian is widely considered the smelliest fruit on the planet. The smell was once described by food writer Richard Sterling as a “turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock” that could be smelled from yards away. But as the library evacuation proved, the smell can be considered close to gasoline as well.

No one was hurt during the evacuation and the school safely reopened the library not long after. The school was able to have a sense of humor about what happened, taking to Facebook to talk about what happened.

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