• The color of the stools can reveal a symptom of stomach cancer
  • Early treatment of this disease can lead to lesser complications
  • This is why it is important to be observant of the stool color

Stomach cancer, compared to other cancer types, is relatively rare. The biggest problem with this type of cancer is the difficulty in diagnosing it. Since it does not generally cause any symptoms, particularly during the early stage, it usually goes unnoticed. Many of its symptoms may manifest only after it has spread to other sections of the body.

A Noticeable Change

There is one symptom, however, that might hold the key to the early detection of stomach cancer, and it has something to do with the color of the stools. The stomach is a part of the entire digestive system and is located in the upper area of the digestive tract. It is responsible for food digestion, as well as distributing the nutrients to the rest of the digestive system.

color of stools can reveal cancer
color of stools can reveal cancer Alexas_Fotos - Pixabay

Stomach cancer develops when healthy cells found in the upper digestive tract become abnormal and grow uncontrollably. When this happens, a tumor may start to form. With the development of the tumor, your stools may take on a different color.

Stool Color May Serve As Warning

While changes in the color of the stools may be influenced by dietary decisions and are oftentimes harmless, there are instances when they serve as warning signs of deadly diseases. If the change is becoming persistent and constant, you need to seek an appointment with your doctor already. This is because such constant change may already be warning you of the onset of stomach cancer.

A black and foul-smelling poo or a maroon stool may signal intestinal bleeding, which may be caused by the formation of tumors in the stomach. Before you panic, however, you should first try to remember if you have been taking iron tablets or capsules. According to Cancer Research UK, such medication can also cause your stools to turn black.

Seeing blood in your poo is another warning sign that needs medical consultation. Bear in mind that it is already among the indications of stomach cancer.

Other Symptoms

Other indications of stomach cancer, as revealed by Cancer Research UK, include weight loss, constant indigestion, and difficulty in swallowing food. You may also feel full after consuming only small servings and feeling sick after eating.