Comedian Mark Malkoff and his wife, Christine Peel-Malkoff, have found an interesting way to test their marriage. The couple, who has been married for eight years, decided to spend 48 hours handcuffed to each other.

Malkoff, 37, and his wife, 35, noticed that they hadn’t been spending enough quality time together, Yahoo Shine reports. Rather than taking a vacation or adopting a new hobby, the couple came up with a unique solution; they decided to spend 48 hours handcuffed to each other while going about their daily routines—and posted the result to YouTube.

“We’ve been married eight years, yet we just never spend time together, and I thought, what would happen if we were really forced to spend 48 hours as an experiment,” Malkoff told ABC News. “I thought this could either go really well or really wrong.”

The experiment seems to have worked. The Malkoffs’ marriage is still going strong, and their YouTube video went viral—it’s been viewed more than 80,000 times since being posted on Aug. 1 first.

“In the beginning we were feeling a little panicked, and then after we woke up the first day we thought we can get through this,” Malkoff told ABC News. “It strengthened our relationship, which is good.”

Mark and Christine went through all of their normal daily activities, such as riding the subway, going out to dinner, and walking around their Queen neighborhood. Of course, the fact that they were handcuffed together for 48 hours provided a measure of complication. For instance, Malkoff noted that the couple’s apartment quickly became a mess.

“It was just too difficult to do the cleaning,” he told ABC News. “We really would have had to buckle down to clean handcuffed so our place was kind of a mess afterwards.”

This isn’t the first time that Markoff, a well-known comedian, has pulled a noteworthy stunt, ABC News notes. In the past, the 37-year-old garnered attention for sleeping inside of a New Jersey Ikea store, buying something from every Starbucks in Manhattan in the same day, and sitting on an AirTran plane for a month straight to conquer his fear of flying.