Conan Exiles - Teleporter
An active Transportory Stone in Conan Exiles Conan Exiles


  • Fast travel can be achieved by using the Map Room or Transportory Stones
  • The Map Room requires attuned obelisks in order to function
  • The Transportory Stone blueprint is unlocked via upgrading the Tome of Kurak

Both the Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah in "Conan Exiles" are vast. Players can expect to cover large swathes of land regardless of where they choose to spawn.

Traveling large distances can be very tedious. Thankfully, there is a fast travel system in "Conan Exiles, though the game doesn't outright tell this to players at the beginning.

Here are all of the available fast travel options to choose from.

Exiled Lands – Map Room

The giant obelisks scattered around the Exiled Lands serve as both landmarks and fast travel points. Players can approach these obelisks and attune their bracelets to them. Once attuned, they will be able to fast travel to these obelisks at any time given that they have access to a Map Room.

Conan Exiles - Archives
The Archives' location inside the Unnamed City Conan Exiles

The Map Room is a station that can be used to teleport to any attuned obelisk in the Exiled Lands. The recipe for this can be learned by going to the Unnamed City and delving down into the Archives room where the ghost of a giant archivist resides. Talk to him to receive the Map Room blueprints.

Place the Map Room on a large portion of flat land, and then hover the camera over one of the small pillars surrounding the map. These represent all of the usable obelisks in the Exiled Lands. Use one of them to teleport to its respective obelisk.

Take note that this method of teleportation is one-way only. Also, this cannot be used in the Isle of Siptah due to the lack of obelisks on the map.

Transportory Stones

The "Age of Sorcery" update introduced a new way to traverse long distances: Transportory Stones. These fast travel points can be built anywhere regardless of the location so long as it is suitable for construction. But unlocking the recipe for these buildings requires investment.

To unlock Transportory Stones, players must fully upgrade their Tome of Kurak to Tier 15 at a Thaumaturgy Bench. The upgrade path is linear, so players must upgrade their tomes every time they start a new character or playthrough.

Once unlocked, place at least two Transportory Stones in the world and ignite them with blood and brimstone. Once active, they will remain operational unless extinguished.

To use the stones, stand inside an ignited platform and look for floating rocks tagged with area names. Interact with one to teleport.

Conan Exiles - Floating Stones
Floating stones can be found inside ignited Transportory Stones Conan Exiles