Conan Exiles - Guard Duty
Thralls can be put on guard duty to protect bases from potential raiders Conan Exiles


  • NPCs must be knocked out with blunt damage before capturing them
  • Larger Wheels of Pain can accommodate simultaneous conversions
  • Thralls are great as companions, base defenders and artisans

Having a Thrall companion while traveling the Exiled Lands can be greatly beneficial. A fellow warrior can grab the attention of hostile tank hits while players lay down damage and status effects from behind.

Thralls play an essential part in "Conan Exiles," both in combat and in terms of crafting and progression. Players won't be able to unlock the game's full potential if they decide to survive on their own since Thralls have more to offer than just protection.

Here's a guide on how to get Thralls and a few tips on how to make hunting easier.


Since players won't be killing NPCs when Thrall hunting, they'll need some means to deal Concussion damage to knock potential candidates out.

The most basic option is the Truncheon, crafted from a Torturer's Worktable. Unfortunately, the starting Truncheon has poor stats. It's highly recommended to equip a Blunted Weapon Fitting if they want to use it. Better yet, use a Blunted Javelin instead.

Conan Exiles - Enemy
Almost any human NPC can be knocked out and turned into a friendly Thrall Conan Exiles

Next, craft some Bindings from a Torturer's Table or craft several Fiber Bindings by hand. This will let players drag unconscious NPCs back home.

Lastly, make sure to have a Wheel of Pain with free slots at the ready to begin the conversion process.

Converting NPCs

Find any human NPC in the world (preferably ones with unique names) and fight them using a blunt weapon. Smack them until the white bar above their heads disappears to render them unconscious.

While the NPC is out cold, tie them up and drag them across back to the Wheel of Pain. Take note that they can still be dragged across water, though players should avoid combat while traveling back home.

Place the NPC and some Gruel (made by cooking Seeds and Plant Fiber) in the Wheel of Pain to begin the conversion process.

Thrall conversion times can be painfully long depending on the server's settings. By default, a Tier IV named Thrall can take up to 25 hours to convert without a Taskmaster and even if one was available, it would still take up to 10 hours.

Conan Exiles - Thrall Camp
NPCs can be captured and converted into bodyguards or workers Funcom