First lady Melania Trump is guilty of using a body double, conspiracy theorists claimed Wednesday. They garnered "proof" from video footage taken Friday of Melania Trump standing beside her husband, President Donald Trump, as he spoke with reporters about the nuclear deal with Iran and hurricane relief plans for Puerto Rico. 

The first lady's husband distinctly called her out in the brief interview, saying, "My wife, Melania, who happens to be right here." Conspiracy theorists zeroed in on the apparent double's overall appearance, including her oversized sunglasses and the shape of her nose. 

"Will the real Melania please stand up?" Andrea Wagner Barton, an actress who is credited as being the first to question the possibility of a Melania Trump decoy, wrote on Facebook Friday. "Is it me or during his speech today a decoy 'stood in' for Melania?? And....why would the moron say, 'My wife, Melania, who happens to be right here.' Seriously, watch very closely."

The speculation traveled to Twitter as many others began debating the possibility of the first lady having a body double. 

"This is not Melania," a conspiracy theorist wrote in a tweet Tuesday. "To think they would go this far & try & make us think it's her on TV is mind blowing. Makes me wonder what else is a lie."

The conspiracy theorist added, "I initially didn't notice, but thought it was strange when he said "my wife Melania, she's right here" to try & convince media it was her."

The speculator also aimed to save fellow Twitter users "some time from looking it up" by publishing a side-by-side picture comparison of Melania Trump and her alleged decoy. One picture clearly displayed the first lady's face, whereas the second image featured a close-up of the alleged double. 

Several users echoed a similar sentiment, with many noting the apparent differences between Melania Trump and her alleged double. Many tweeters declared that the first lady didn't "look like herself" in the interview and that she "would never look" like that. 

"Is it me or does Melania appear to be a man in drag here with a wig and large sunglasses on," one netizen wrote in a tweet. "Can only assume she left trump weeks ago and he hasn't yet found a way of saying he's done a great job on the divorce."

Some pinpointed specific details of the alleged stand-in's appearance. One claimed that the apparent double's "facial structure is off...and her hair isn't that dry and damaged." 

Very few Twitter users, however, alleged that the woman standing beside President Trump was his wife. One user decided to play "devil's advocate" by posting a side-by-side image of the first lady and her apparent impersonator, but had argued that "it's most likely her."

Since the footage quickly made waves across the internet, phrases including "Melania Trump double" and "Fake Melania" became popular searches on Google and was a top-trending Twitter topic Wednesday.

This wouldn't be the first time that Melania Trump was involved with a conspiracy theory. Moments after the first lady met with Prince Harry ahead of the Invictus Games in September, Twitter honed in on the hand gesture made by the British royal — a the sign of devil horns tucked between his suit.

While it could be argued that Prince Harry's hand signal is likely attributed to an untimely suit adjustment, many Twitter users were quick to make their own assumptions on the meaning behind his gesture. Body language experts also attempted to decode Prince Harry's hand signal, with many asserting that he is making himself comfortable and not aiming to send out a secret message.