Cops confiscated a 2-pound joint during a 4/20 festival Saturday at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and arrested a man believed to have made the giant joint.

Gennady Tsarinsky, 25, was arrested by cops because the 2-pound joint was way over the 1-ounce limit necessary for possession charges, ABC reported.

The 4/20 festival at the UCSC campus is an annual event that pays homage to marijuana and is known as the UC Santa Cruz Smoke-Out.

YouTube user MrJakeAntic filmed cops holding the 2-pound joint as festival attendees gawked and took pictures of the large marijuana joint. The video, which you can view below, has more than 115,000 YouTube views.

MrJakeAntic said in describing the video that the 2-pound joint was in fact real.

“This is not staged, these cops were in fact confiscating this from the event.”

Smoke-Out attendees can be heard on the video claiming harassment by officers, with one student saying they would go to court over the incident.

Tsarinsky, who allegedly brought the 2-pound joint to the rally, was wearing a “Keep Santa Cruz Stoned” T-shirt, according to ABC.

He then allegedly planned on setting up a booth to allow festivalgoers to take hits off the joint before police made the arrest.

Check out the 2-pound joint being confiscated by cops below: