• San Francisco-based street artist fnnch paints coronavirus-inspired honey bears 
  • Coronavirus-inspired honey bear mural can be seen along The Castro, San Francisco
  • Honey bears were painted wearing masks or reinterpreted as a hand sanitizer

Amid the gray and sullen air emitted by the coronavirus outbreak lies a few notable people who, through discreet yet inventive means, still graces the world with zest, hues and color.

San Francisco-based street artist fnnch recently added splashes of character and liveliness along The Castro’s boarded up businesses. Known for his prominent works of honey bears and other vibrantly colored street art, fnnch ushers in the aura of radiance back into the stiffened streets of San Francisco brought about by these trying times.

Ever since the widely announced stay-at-home order, with firm restrictions on residents to steer clear from the public, San Francisco’s bustling streets that once pulsated with energy have now been left empty. Stores and several other San Francisco businesses are no longer bustling as they have been temporarily board d up, reported ABC7 News.

In an Instagram post that has caught the eyes of many, fnnch shared that the boarded-up stores around town started to look depressing. “I long to sit down in a restaurant again, get my hair cut again, go to the art supply store again,” he wrote. “But until that happens, we might as well use the boards as canvas for art.”

The brightly colored two-dimensional honey bears were eventually seen painted along The Castro, with eight new coronavirus-inspired honey bears, SFist reported. The honey bears that were usually painted with adorable visages were now either wearing face masks or interpreted as bottles of hand sanitizer. Not only did these murals bring in color to the lifeless streets in San Francisco, but more importantly, they turned the dispiriting atmosphere into a comical one.

The amusement that these murals have brought in definitely did not go by unnoticed as it rounds the San Francisco neighborhood, appealing well to its residents and maybe even people across the country. The local artist himself hopes that his newly painted honey bear art will continually ease and uplift its spectators, encouraging a sense of resiliency.

Honey Bear Mural
Fnnch's 'The Honey Bear' mural is displayed in the River West neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois on September 9, 2019. Raymond Boyd/Getty Images