• Coronavirus has already infected a number of people in the UK
  • Health secretary Matt Hancock is now introducing home testing to limit people from traveling to testing centers
  • They have already started the process in London 

With the number of individuals across the globe affected by the deadly coronavirus continually increasing, health experts are also rushing to find a way to stop the virus in its tracks. If there's seemingly no cure as of yet, then any means that could help prevent the spread could greatly help.

In the UK, around 7,132 people have been tested for COVID-19, and 13 have tested positive. While the number may not be as staggering as those in other countries, it prompted Health Secretary Matt Hancock to clearly thresh out preventive measures.

According to the Express report, the UK now has testing sites for the coronavirus all across England. He also revealed that they are planning to introduce home testing to their residents.

Home Testing

As per Hancock, they would be introducing home testing, which has started already, so that people would not need to go to the pod that is located in front of A&E. This pod was specifically put there so that there’s no need for people to go to the A&E where there is a possibility that they could infect others.

coronavirus home testing matt hancock
coronavirus home testing matt hancock leo2014 - Pixabay

The health secretary said that “The home testing is the safest place to be tested because it means you don’t have to go anywhere, and that will allow us to roll out testing in a much larger number of people as well as.”

Health body NHS also gave a statement regarding home testing. Keith Willett, the strategic incident director for COVID-19 of the NHS said that they have already started to pilot home testing for COVID-19 in London. The home testing will be carried out by no other than NHS staff.

Nurses and paramedics would also carry out home testing. This method will make people stay at home instead of traveling just for testing purposes. Thus, it will help limit the infection from spreading.

Clear Four-Part Plan

In addition to the home testing solution, Hancock also laid down the “clear four-part plan” that would help in responding to the virus outbreak. This plan includes containment, delay, researching and mitigating the effects. While this plan is in place, all necessary measures must be taken so that the public wouldn’t be exposed to a huge risk.