• Surgeon General Jerome Adams warned on Wednesday that social distancing for 15 days will likely not be enough to ward off the novel coronavirus
  • Adams' comments came after Vice President Mike Pence said the COVID-19 crisis will most likely last for months
  • Other experts have warned earlier that the worst has yet to come

Surgeon General Jerome Adams warned on Monday that 15 days of social distancing may not be enough to completely stop the novel coronavirus from spreading across the United States. His comments came as COVID-19 deaths in the country passed 100 and confirmed cases passed 5,800.

According to POLITICO, Adams clarified that while the preventive measures that the White House has ordered among American citizens “is likely not going to be enough” to block the virus’ path, it is the method that the country should rely on at this time.

Adams went on to reveal that after 15 days, the U.S. health department will reassess the situation to determine what other steps should be taken should the COVID-19 strain continue to spread.

The latest comments from a top health official in the country came a day after Vice President Mike Pence said that officials under U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration are aware that the coronavirus crisis may last for several months.

15 days of social distancing was announced by the White House on Monday as part of the national guidelines that should help the country overcome its coronavirus battle.

However, some researchers have suggested that the coronavirus outbreak may last more than a year and millions of Americans could get infected or succumb to the highly-infectious virus.

The sentiments of both Adams and Pence echo that of other health experts in the country who believe that things will escalate in the coming weeks. Trump, for his part, has been confident that the U.S. can overcome the hurdle.

Speaking with CNN on Tuesday, assistant professor at George Washington University Hospital Dr. James Phillips noted that “things will get much worse.” He added that the focus should be on ensuring that there are enough people working on the frontline.

Phillips went on to note that there is “a significant risk” hospitals will be overwhelmed with the rise of new cases in the country.

Multiple U.S. states have already ordered the closure of establishments such as schools, museums, concert halls, and bars and restaurants. Other local governments have also urged people to stay at home to prevent further community-spreading incidents.

USA Today reported that U.S. hospitals do not have enough beds and ventilators for intensive care unit patients but there are a lot of severely ill patients who need them.

The lack of equipment in American hospitals has been driving local governments to at least attempt to delay the COVID-19 strain’s spread by implementing stricter social distancing guidelines.