The exploration project Ocean X has discovered a strange underwater object at the Baltic Sea that appears to be a crashed UFO. While exploring the site, the team members also encountered anomalies that disrupted their equipment.

Ocean X team first encountered the alleged UFO in 2011 while exploring various regions of the Baltic Sea, a marginal section of the Atlantic Ocean enclosed by various countries including Russia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

While combing through the Bothnia region of the massive body of water in search of shipwrecks, the OceanX explorers accidentally came across a huge disk-shaped object sitting at the bottom of the sea. Based on photos and videos released by the team, it can be seen that the unidentified object slightly resembled the Millennium Falcon vessel from the “Star Wars” film franchise.

Eight years following their initial discovery, OceanX returned to the same spot on June 8. With the use of a couple of remotely-operated vehicles (ROV), the team explored the areas surrounding the object. Interestingly, the compass of the ROVs went wild, which hindered the operations of the vehicles.

According to the team members, the same mechanical failure occurred during their first visit to the site. They noted that the issues, which also affect their electrical equipment, occur once they reach a certain depth near the site.

“It was very difficult to understand where the ROV were because of the terrible visibility and because the compass that went berserk,” explorer Peter Lindberg said, according to Express. “The compass was living its own life and the tether was snagged all the time.”

Aside from the strange object, the team also discovered wall-like structures that were buried 200 mm beneath sediment.

Due to the strange nature of the various structures and objects found by OceanX, various speculations have been made regarding their exact origins.

Aside from the UFO theory, others believe that the massive object and the walls were actually man-made and are remnants of an ancient civilization. Some say that the structures and objects are natural features that were sculpted by the extreme water and ground movements under the sea.

Two airline pilots traveling over Arizona claim they were passed by unidentified flying objects while flying at over 30,000 feet in the air, March 27, 2018. Above is a representational image. PhotoVision/Pixabay