A deranged man enters a supermarket, steals a knife, attacks a 62-year-old woman, cuts off her head, and runs away with the blood dripping head before getting caught. And all this happened in broad daylight while locals and tourists were watching.

Unfortunately, the synopsis is not a scene from a Stephen King's horror movie. The tragic incident actually took place on Friday in Tenerife, part of the Canary Islands in Spain.

The attacker, identified as a homeless 28-year-old Bulgarian called Deyan Valentinov, entered a supermarket around 10:30 am on Friday in the town of Arona and targeted an apparent stranger. The victim was an elderly British woman and was not related to the attacker. The man attacked the woman, beheaded her and ran off, holding the blood-dripping head by the hair.

A man came running up with something full of blood in his hand... an eye witness told Cadena Ser radio, according to the British National Press. The security guard at the store followed the man and chased him down until police came to arrest him. Before he was chased down, he apparently threw the woman's head on the pavement.

He threw [the head] on the ground and it almost hit me, the eye witness said.

The event caused panic in the neighborhood. Christina Perez, a lawyer in a nearby court said a group of lawyers were shocked to see a man sprinting out of the supermarket, holding onto a bloody head. They were shocked. Some of them ran to the office and locked themselves in, The Telegraph quoted Perez as saying.

The Foreign Office in London had been informed about the attack. The matter is currently being investigated.