Anyone that owned a Sega Dreamcast or hung out in arcades in 1999 should take a seat.

“Crazy Taxi,” the frenetic and addicting classic Sega game is now available as a free download for mobile devices at the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores. The entire game is here, including the killer soundtrack featuring The Offspring and Bad Religion.

Crazy Taxi on Mobile
"Crazy Taxi" now available as a free download on iOS and Android devices. Ryan Neal (Courtesy of Sega)

It looks and plays great, too. International Business Times took advantage of the free download and tried out “Crazy Taxi” on an Apple iPhone 5 and Google Nexus 5. The graphics seemed a bit smoother and more polished on the iPhone, but the gameplay was fast and responsive on both platforms.

“Crazy Taxi” has been optimized for mobile devices, meaning you can control your taxi with both touch and tilt controls. Even without power sliding, we had no trouble picking up fares, speeding through traffic and launching off ramps.

“Crazy Taxi” also comes with 16 mini-games and allows players to listen to their own music during gameplay if they get tired of the original soundtrack.

Sega is offering “Crazy Taxi” for free to promote “Crazy Taxi: City Rush,” a brand new, free-to-play sequel to “Crazy Taxi” that is coming to mobile devices later this month. Rather than a port of the original, “City Rush” is a brand new game in a new city, new gameplay and new challenges. Apparently Sega is licensing music from independent artists and will allow users to import their own music library.

The original “Crazy Taxi” will be available for free until March 19. If you’re a fan of great games, don’t miss out.