We've all said or thought, Man if I could only do this consistently I'd be exactly where I'd like to be. Breaking old habits and creating new ones can be quite a daunting task, but certainly not impossible (remember all things are possible). The principles used to create change in one area of your life can certainly be utilized in another. When it comes to success the road may be a little bumpy but that shouldn't cause you to abandon the trip. It is said that nothing worth having is easy and 99% of the time it's true. That brings me to my point, initiating and maintain a health lifestyle. For most of us it will be quite challenging, but doable.

The first step must be to determine exactly what it is you're striving to achieve. Is it to loss 20 pounds in the next 6 months, run 2 miles a day, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner each day or hit the weights for 30 minutes 3 times per week? A clear goal written down will help you to solidify and see your goal clearly. Believe in yourself, look at some of the goals you have already accomplished in your life, you are already a success! Commit! Commit! Commit, to yourself an allotted a day(s) and a time(s) to engage in your fitness activities. You decide how much time you can realistically devote to your goal and then do it! Make it a priority on those designated days and times or it's sure to fade into regularity with all your other daily to-dos.

Keep your word to yourself. This is about you and your integrity to both yourself and others, if you can't keep your word to yourself how will you keep your word to others. If you talk the talk, walk the walk, but don't beat yourself up if you slip, get up and start again. You are not defeated until you stop trying, but remember that's why you've written you goals down and prioritized so you won't be tempted to quit when complacency come knocking. Affirm to be patient with yourself, it may take a little time to see the results you imagine for yourself but as time progresses you will be advancing ever closer to your goal(s).

Maintain a positive mental attitude (yeah we've all hear that before) it represents a commitment to self-enhancement and leaves little room for doubts and fears to creep in. Be gentle with yourself, no one is perfect, striving for perfection will only create anxiety and stress, the opposite of what we desire (peace and harmony). Use this process to implement your new healthy habits as well as any other desires you can imagine.

Habits are first cobwebs, then cables. -Spanish Proverb-

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