Crysis 2
Crysis 2 has been on of the most popular Crytek projects Electronic Arts

Game developer Crytek, based in Frankfurt, Germany, is working on a mystery project for PC and console, according to latest reports. Crytek General Manager Nick Button-Brown says the game is absolutely fantastic and has even tagged it as one of the best projects the company has undertaken in recent times. The project may arrive in April.

Button-Brown also added that the company aims to deliver the highest quality possible in the gaming industry and a big part of its business is big budget console and PC games. Even if the game doesn’t arrive next month, it is at least expected that more information will be revealed as soon as April sets in.

Crytek is currently working on the upcoming Homefront 2, Ryse for Kinect and several other smaller mobile titles. There are speculations that the new project could be the eagerly anticipated TimeSplitters 4, which has been one of Crytek’s most famous games over the years. However, others are of the opinion that the new game is actually Crysis 3.

New information about the project will follow shortly.

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About TimeSplitters 4

TimeSplitters 4 was revealed back in June 2007 when the Official UK PlayStation Magazine revealed that another instalment of the TimeSplitters series was being made by Crytek UK (formerly known as Free Radical Design). Later the possibility was ruled out when rumors regarding the game suddenly died down midway. In an interview with the video game blog Kotaku, Rob Yescombe, the scriptwriter for the previous TimeSplitters games, mentioned that TimeSplitters 4 will not use the much-criticized Haze engine and will instead opt for some new and double shiny tech.

Again, on June 14, 2011, reported that a major source inside Crytek had leaked that the company was currently working on a new game, rumored to be TimeSplitters 4, with DirectX 11 to be released on next-generation platforms, including a new console by Microsoft to be announced in 2012. But Crytek has denied any collaboration with Microsoft since then.

On July 30, 2011, a report in the Official PlayStation Magazine claimed that the fourth instalment of TimeSplitters would be announced soon by Crytek. The report also stated that Gun-wielding monkeys are making a comeback! A fourth TimeSplitters title is to be announced soon.