Heard of cone-ing yet? It is the act of grabbing and eating soft ice cream upside down at a fast food drive-through, videotaping the server's bewildered reaction, then posting it online for everyone to see.

Bizarre fads such as cone-ing, planking, and owling are blazing the internet.

Now videos are popping up on Youtube claiming that Cup-ing is the new cone-ing.

Apparently, cup-ing is the act of ordering a drink at a fast food drive-through, and when the drink is served -squeezing the cup hard enough so that the beverage splashes out of the cup (most likely into the unfortunate server's face) and driving off. And of course, posting it on the web for online viewers to enjoy.

Despite the amusement and fun the pranksters might get out of it, some do not find it funny.

Among the disapproving comments: This is disrespectful, That was mean and Not funny. Sorry.