Chloe Lukasiak
Chloe Lukasiak in a scene from "Dance Moms." "Dance Moms" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime. Lifetime/DanceMoms

Following the midseason finale of “Dance Moms” in April, a rumor that Abby Lee Miller allegedly, unsuccessfully attempted to sabotage Chloe Lukasiak’s win to help her new student, Kamryn Beck, hit the Web. Six months later, that rumor has now been officially confirmed.

An attendee of the Feb. 15-Feb. 16 Youngstown, Ohio, Energy National Dance Competition, Francisco Thurston, first described the ordeal on AfterBuzz TV in April, claiming that Miller, 48, was seen attempting to persuade the dance competition judges that her guest dancer Kamryn, 14, deserved to win over her longtime student, Chloe, 13. “After Chloe won, Abby pulled the judges into a production room because she completely disagreed with their decision that Chloe won. She was not having it,” said Thurston. Despite each of Miller’s students’ solos placing first in their separate age divisions, Thurston said Chloe won the first overall award for her routine “Lucky Star,” a win that reportedly upset Miller. “She pulled the judges into the room and gave this long sob story about how Chloe has fans and Instagram fans and she’s never in class and this is why she doesn’t deserve to win,” he said.

One week ahead of the “Dance Moms” 2014 nationals episode, Thurston made an appearance on the program Tuesday night, reconfirming his original allegations against Miller. “I heard that Abby went to the judges and said Chloe shouldn’t win. Is that true?” Chloe’s mom, Christi Lukasiak, asked Thurston. “Basically, Abby wasn’t happy with the win. She doesn’t know what they were watching on stage,” said Thurston, who was touted as one of the competition’s judges on the program. “She felt that Kamryn should have won?… She went to the judges and was campaigning against her own student and trying to get them to take away Chloe’s win?” Lukasiak asked. Thurston responded with a resounding, “Yes.”

Unfortunately for the moms, Thurston’s confirmation of the rumor did not settle any previous tension between Kamryn's mom, Jodi Gray, and Lukasiak. After Miller announced that Kamryn would return to participate in the Pittsburgh studio’s annual recital while Chloe was benched for a foot injury, the co-stars went head-to-head on Tuesday night's episode. “I want you to do what’s right,” Christi told Gray, assuming the dance mom only kept her daughter in the recital in order to further hurt Chloe and secure her daughter a spot in the upcoming national competition. “Take Kamryn and go home? That’s not happening whether you like it or not!” said Gray. “That speaks volumes about your character,” Lukasiak quipped. The fight escalated further after Gray told Lukasiak she should be ashamed of her behavior, labeling her an “idiot.” “You know what? You are filth under the bottom of a shoe,” said Lukasiak. “You are filth!”

“Dance Moms" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.