Holly Frazier and Nia Frazier’s relationship with coach Abby Lee Miller came to a head on Tuesday’s installment of “Dance Moms.” After Holly went behind Abby’s back to kick-start Nia’s singing career with pop singer Aubrey O’Day and failed to follow her orders to have her daughter leave the MattyB music video set, Abby made it known she was not happy with the mother-daughter duo in Season 5, episode 11 of “Dance Moms.”

In “Nia’s Last Chance,” Abby awarded Nia, 13, a solo for the weekly competition, but made it clear, she would not tolerate anything but a first-place win. Despite giving two of her other elite junior dancers a solo, Nia was the only competition member who was delivered a threat alongside her assignment — a contemporary jazz number titled “The Color Purple.” 

“If you don’t place with that solo, there won’t be any solos for a long time. Do you understand me?” Abby asked the dancer. While Nia said she understood the risk that came with accepting the solo, Holly revealed she was not happy with Abby’s decision. 

“It’s been a rough road for Nia. The idea that she may never have a solo again is a crazy amount of pressure. I just wish for once Abby would support and root for Nia,” she said. 

While Nia took Abby’s assignment in stride, that didn’t stop her from trying to talk some sense into her infamously tough coach. While rehearsing her solo, Nia approached Abby and requested she keep her actions outside of the ALDC studio — such as her blossoming singing career — separate from her dance studies. Abby, however, disagreed to comply.

“I can’t keep giving you solos just because you’re my student, especially after all of the c--p that went down with your mom in L.A.,” Abby told Nia. “I can’t keep rewarding you when she just causes me aggravation.”

“But can you put that aside when I’m in the studio?” Nia asked only to, once again, be shot down by Abby.

“If somebody was a murderer, I should just bring them in and teach them a dance and forget they murdered somebody?” Abby asked. “You had that whole recording studio thing. I don’t like sneaky people. I don’t like liars. I just don’t like kids doing that. And I don’t like parents teaching kids to do that.”

After meeting with Abby, Nia cried to her mother about her coach’s comments. Holly said she would remove Nia from the ALDC, but her daughter was too invested in being a part of the team after spending a decade studying at Abby’s studio.

“There’s been lot of conflict lately, but I really want to stay with the team because this is a great opportunity,” Nia said. “I just wish Abby was supportive too.”

So how did Nia fare at the competition? Despite earning rave reviews from the judges at New York Dance Experience — which took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dec. 21 — the dancer failed to secure an overall win. After not placing in the top 5, Abby made it clear to the moms that Nia would not be getting another solo in the near future. Holly responded by storming out of the competition’s green room, slamming Abby for comparing her daughter to a “murderer.”

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