"Dance Moms"
Maddie Zielger (L) and Mackenzie Ziegler (R) of "Dance Moms." Lifetime/Scott Gries

Maddie Ziegler was absent from Tuesday’s Season 5 installment of “Dance Moms,” but that didn’t stop Abby Lee Miller from rooting for the Ziegler family. In her go-to dancer’s absence, Abby took Maddie’s sister and fellow ALDC member Mackenzie Ziegler under her wing.

During the team’s rehearsals in episode 7, “Wild Wild West Coast, Part 1,” Abby received an invitation to have her elite junior team audition for YouTuber singer MattyB’s latest music video. While all of the moms and the girls, including guest dancers Sarah Reasons and Brynn Rumfallo, were excited about the forthcoming audition, Abby made it clear she already had plans for Mackenzie, 10, to secure the video’s lead role. She did, however, have specific conditions.

According to Abby, Mackenzie’s pop music career and hit single “It’s A Girl Party” would require her to earn equal billing alongside MattyB if she was cast. Abby also shared that she feared Mackenzie’s recording contract would disallow her from singing vocals on the track, a requirement for the role of lead girl in the project.

“She is her own pop star. Mackenzie is not going to dance backup for some other pop artist. If its MattyB featuring Mack Z, I’m alright with that,” Abby said.

After going head-to-head with ALDC dancer JoJo Siwa at the MattyB music video audition, the producers revealed that Mackenzie had secured the lead role. Unfortunately for the young performer, Abby wasn’t on hand for the big announcement. In Abby’s absence, her mom, Melissa Ziegler, signed a contact which did not promise her daughter would receive a top billing credit. When Abby discovered Melissa’s mistake, she caused a ruckus on the set of the video shoot.

“I need you to talk to my attorney who represents Mackenzie and her music deal. You need to talk to him,” Abby told Blake, MattyB’s father and manager, after arriving on set.

“We don’t know who owns the music. Who gets any revenue derived from the music. We don’t know if the video is to push the record sales... We don’t have a deal,” Abby added.

While MattyB’s team refused to budge on Abby’s demands at the conclusion of episode 7, the girls did eventually film the music video. However, it appears that Mackenzie was removed from the final cut. The video “Turn Up The Track," -- see it below -- which released on the MattyB YouTube channel Friday, features JoJo.

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