It seems Abby Lee Miller bit off more than she could chew. In Season 5, episode 5 of “Dance Moms” the ALDC coach suffered from what appeared to be a stress-related breakdown after her team arrived on the West Coast.

In “Goodbye Abby, Hello Hollywood,” Abby arrived at her temporary dance studio in Los Angeles only to leave the premises in a huff mere minutes after stepping foot through the door. So why the drama? Another superb team's presence at the facility appeared to rattle the usually tough dance instructor. According to the moms, Abby simply couldn’t handle the pressure. 

“Abby had two years to plan for her new studio and she didn’t do it. And here she is throwing temper tantrums! Who cares? Kids don’t care, they just want to dance,” dance mom Jill Vertes said. 

Despite her team being just days away from their first competition in Los Angeles, Abby continued to be a no-show a rehearsals. Her assistant, Gianna Martello, eventually took her place and taught the girls a lyrical group dance titled “I’d Rather Be.” Maddie Ziegler, 12, earned the only solo of the week, a lyrical routine called “All God’s Creatures.”

After dance class, the drama only intensified when the girls headed to their first casting call in Los Angeles. After Abby made a dramatic entrance -- fighting with a passerby over a parking spot outside the building -- she continued to flaunt her erratic behavior by getting into heated argument with dance mom Holly Frazier and arguably sabotaging her daughter, 14-year-old dancer Nia Frazier’s audition.

After the group's first drama-filled week on the West Coast, they headed to Energy National Dance Competitions only to be greeted by another team, Murrieta Dance Studio. Despite the mom’s fears that Abby would once again fail to appear at the event, she did eventually show, and much to the mom’s confusion, looked uncharacteristically disheveled.

Appearing to be a stressed state at the competition, Abby continued her reign of anger, taking out her frustrations on dancer JoJo Siwa. After the ALDC guest dancer -- who was not included in this week's group number -- attempted to squeeze her way into the group routine and put on a costume, Abby snapped at the 11-year-old.

“You are not in this dance,” Abby told JoJo. “That is an inappropriate thing for a child to touch. Do you want to show me your receipt for that? Because it’s not yours. You didn’t pay for it. You didn’t buy it so for you to come over here and take one is a greedy little monster!"

“You’re selfish and it’s going to get the best of you,” JoJo’s mom, Jessalynn Siwa, warned Abby.

So how did the ALDC fare at their first L.A. competition? Not too well. The group dance lost to Murrieta Dance Studio, taking home second for their routine. Maddie did, however, secure a win for Abby. Her solo took home first-place and a perfect score award.

What are your thoughts on this week's episode of "Dance Moms." Do you think Abby was too hard on JoJo? Sound off in the comments section below!