"Dance Moms"
Abby Lee Miller and her ALDC team will arrive in Los Angeles in Tuesday's installment of "Dance Moms." Lifetime

Abby Lee Miller’s dream of taking her ALDC team to Los Angeles will come to fruition in Season 5, episode 5 of “Dance Moms,” but the transition may not go as smoothly as she planned. In a promo for Tuesday’s installment, “Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby,” the infamous coach appears to have a breakdown after her team arrives on the West Coast from Pittsburgh.

“The Abby Lee Dance Company is in Los Angeles, California. This city is all about stars and I make stars,” an enthusiastic Abby says in the preview, only to later appear to crack under the pressure.

“Do you have any words of wisdom for the girls? It’s our first time in L.A.,” dance mom Holly Frazier asks Abby. Unfortunately for the moms and their dancing daughters, Abby offers no guidance, only saying, “No.”

“Abby’s afraid and she doesn’t know how to handle L.A.,” dance mom Jill Vertes says.

The promo also tease the idea that Abby might “run back to Pittsburgh.” In another promo scene, Abby can be seen walking out of a dance studio and saying “goodbye” to the girls.

“Where is Abby? Does she even believe in this team anymore?” dance mom Jessalynn Siwa asks.

So what will cause the tough teacher lose her cool? According to the synopsis for episode 5, Abby will face her “toughest competition yet” when a reigning studio on the West Coast “declares war” on the ALDC. The synopsis also states that Abby will “suffer her biggest breakdown yet,” which in turn will cause the moms to “question her abilities as a manager.”

Competition results:

While it’s unknown if Abby temporarily ditched her team in Los Angeles, it does appear she attended the competition for episode 5. According to one “Dance Moms” spoiler site, the team competed at Energy National Dance Competitions in Los Angeles Nov. 8.

Apparently, Abby’s breakdown was within reason. According to the spoiler site, the ALDC’s lyrical group number, “I’d Rather Be,” only placed second overall at the event. However, two of Abby’s soloists did manage to bring home a win. Abby’s go-to dancer, Maddie Ziegler, 12, placed first in the junior division and first overall for her open category solo “All God’s Creatures.” Kalani Hilliker, 14, reportedly placed first in the teen division and second overall for her lyrical performance, “Fragile Forest.”

Do you think Abby Lee Miller’s team will make it in Los Angeles? Sound off with your predictions in the comments section below. Episode 5 of “Dance Moms” Season 5 premieres Tuesday, Feb. 3, at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.