The normally bubbly JoJo Siwa will show her emotional side on Tuesday’s Season 5 episode of “Dance Moms.” In a sneak peek of episode 7, titled "Wild Wild West Coast, Part 1," Abby Lee Miller’s argument with JoJo’s mom, Jessalynn, bring the new ALDC dancer to tears.

In the "Dance Moms" sneak peek, Jessalynn disagrees with Abby about JoJo’s fifth-place spot on the pyramid. Abby blames JoJo’s low ranking on her failure to win first with her “Carrie” inspired solo in episode 6.

“JoJo, you were fifth in the competition. You’re fifth on the pyramid. Sometimes you act like a 5-year-old. Maybe five is your lucky number. Or maybe, not so lucky,” Abby tells the 11-year-old in the sneak peek.

Jessalynn tells Abby she believes her daughter did a good job considering the circumstances -- recalling JoJo had to perform covered in fake blood -- but Abby continues to disagree. “You didn’t change your emotion. You had one look on your face,” Abby scolds the dancer.

After Jessalynn rebuffs Abby’s statement, calling her daughter’s facial expressions, “good,” Abby threatens JoJo’s unofficial spot on the ALDC team. “Well if you’re so good, you don’t need to part of the Abby Lee Dance Company,” Abby says before ripping the dancer’s photo off of the pyramid wall.

Despite Jessalynn’s request for Abby to put JoJo’s portrait back up, Abby does not budge.

“She deserves nothing!” Abby says. In the clip, the coach then directs her anger towards JoJo, saying, “Don’t have an attitude that you are entitled in this world. You are not. You deserve nothing else. You earn it!”

As a result of Abby’s rant, JoJo begins to cry. Unsurprisingly, Abby tells her dancer to save her tears for her pillow.

“I want no crying children. None,” Abby says.

“Well if you yell at me, I’m going to cry,” JoJo responds.

While Abby has sometimes let her students cry in studio, JoJo didn’t earn any sympathy from the tough-love coach. As a result of her tears, Abby told JoJo and her mom to leave dance class. 

Despite JoJo’s orders to leave the ALDC’s temporary premises in Los Angeles, it appears she will make a comeback. In a second sneak peek of episode 7, the young performer can be seen battling it out with her teammates at an audition for YouTuber singer MattyB’s music video “Turn Down The Track.”

Sneak peek no. 1:

Sneak peek no. 2:

Episode 7 of “Dance Moms” Season 5 premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.