Maddie Ziegler
Maddie Ziegler will be busy filming an episode of Disney Channel's "Austin & Ally" series in episode 8 of "Dance Moms" Season 5. Lifetime

After two weeks on the West Coast, Abby Lee Miller’s team will finally get its chance at a big break in Season 5, episode 7 of “Dance Moms.” While Abby’s go-to dancer, Maddie Ziegler, is busy filming an episode of the Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally,” the rest of the Abby Lee Dance Company girls will audition for YouTube superstar MattyB’s latest music video.

“Auditioning for videos -- it’s one of the reasons we came out here,” Abby says in the promo for “Wild Wild West Coast, Part 1.” While the moms respond with excitement -- “This is what I’ve been waiting to hear all along,” dance mom Jill says -- the battle for the role won’t be pretty.

“We’ll see who wants the job the most,” Abby tells the girls in the preview after revealing they’re all up for the same role. “Today, you’re teammates, but tomorrow you are each other’s competition.”

With Maddie, 12, off filming her guest spot on “Austin & Ally,” it might seem like another ALDC dancer has a better chance of winning the lead part in the music video, but that won’t be the case. In light of Maddie’s absence, Abby will bring in “two swing dancers” to audition alongside the rest of the ALDC. According to Lifetime’s synopsis for episode 7, the two new dancers -- Sarah Reasons and Brynn Ramfallo -- will “threaten the girls’ chance at their biggest audition to date.”

While dancers Kalani Hilliker, 14, and JoJo Siwa, 11, appear to have the biggest cameos in MattyB’s new music video “Turn Up the Track” -- check it out below! -- it’s unclear who was picked for the lead role. The synopsis also offers no good clues as to who MattyB ultimately chooses to be his lead girl. “Abby’s job as a manager is put to the test when one of her star pupils gets offered the lead,” reads the episode’s summary.

With all of their focus on the MattyB audition, the girls will not be competing during Tuesday's episode. According to one “Dance Moms” spoiler site, the girls’ performances at Starbound’s Nov. 22 competition in Fallbrook, California, will be shown in episode 8, “Wild Wild West Coast, Part 2.”

Watch the promo for episode 7 below:

“Dance Moms” will be shown on Lifetime Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST.