Maesi Dance Moms
Maesi Caes (third from the right) will join “Dance Moms” in Season 7, episode 5. Lifetime

Another new dancer will join Abby Lee Miller’s team in Season 7, episode 5 of “Dance Moms” and she could be sticking around for the long haul. Lifetime viewers will see the addition of dancer Maesi Caes in “New Kid on the Block.”

According to the network’s summary for the Tuesday, Dec. 27, episode, Abby will bring in Maesi, who is described as having an “eccentric mom,” to dance along to the two minis in a “challenging” contemporary trio. Brynn Rumfallo, Kendall Vertes and Kalani Hilliker will also be assigned a contemporary trio, “Blackbirds.”

That’s far from the only challenge the ALDC will face. Abby will assign her elite team a rare hip hop routine, one which makes the moms question if their winning streak will quickly come to an end. While hip hop appears to be Maesi’s strong suit, Abby will task Brynn to act as group leader.

A spoiler site reveals the trios were a success at Fierce National Dance Competition in Agoura Hills, California, on Oct. 8, both earning first-place in their respective divisions, but the group dance did not fare well, placing third in the teen division. The promo teases Abby’s upset during the installment, though it’s unclear if her reaction was due to the award ceremony outcome.

“Just know in your heart you screwed up,” Abby says in one promo as Maesi’s mother is shown crying. “You shouldn’t be here!”

While Lifetime chose to only tease the elimination in the first promo, the second preview reveals mini dancer Elliana Walmsley will get the boot. After complaining the elite moms were a little too welcoming to Maesi, Yolanda tells Abby to eliminate her daughter.

“Honestly, at this point, give her Elliana’s spot,” Yolanda says in the clip. “Alright, Elliana you’re going home,” Abby responds as Elliana breaks down in tears.

Thankfully for the mini, viewers won’t see the last of her in episode 5. As International Business Times previously reported, Elliana competed at the Season 7 nationals this month.