Abby Lee Miller
“Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller has strong words for one of her dancers in this Season 7 sneak peek. Lifetime

Abby Lee Miller will pit two of her elite dancers against one another in a solo battle on Tuesday’s “Dance Moms,” a decision which appears to rattle newcomer Daviana Fletcher.

A sneak peek for Season 7, episode 4, “Winner Takes All,” shows the ALDC newcomer speaking to her coach about problems with her solo routine.

The clip shows Daviana, accompanied by her mother, telling Abby she fears her competitor Kalani Hillker’s solo is more “challenging” than her own and will likely do better at the competition. As previously reported, Lifetime has revealed the girl whose solo doesn’t win will get the boot from the team.

“I was wondering if we could change the difficulty,” Daviana asks the coach. “I think you’re nuts,” Abby responds, explaining to Daviana that her routine contains more technique while Kalani’s solo simply has her “rolling around on the floor.”

“I don’t need to explain myself to a 14-year-old. This is ridiculous,” Abby continues as Daviana tears up.

Davina continues by telling Abby she feels like Kalani is “already winning” with her dance because her teammates choreography runs smoother. When Abby notices Daviana’s tears, she tells her to channel her emotions into her routine and will surely win if she does.

While Daviana feels reassurance after speaking with Abby, the coach gives her a final dig before ending the conversation.

“Now you should be worried saying something offended us,” she says.

The solo showdown is far from the only drama ahead in episode 4. A second sneak-peek video shows the moms going head-to-head after the return of mini dancers Elliana Walmsley and Lilliana Ketchman. The clip shows the moms voicing their upset about Elliana starring as the lead in the elite’s weekly group routine.

“We feel our kids should have the right to dance mature choreography with mature themes at this age,” mom Jill Vertes says. “We’ve been eight years old. I think they are amazing little girls. Do I think that they should be integrated into our teenage teams? No.”