Kira Dance Moms
Kira Girard's past has been exposed following the "Dance Moms" Season 6 finale. Pictured: Girard at a taping for the Lifetime show in Warren, New Jersey, in October 2014. International Business Times

“Dance Moms” fans will remember in Season 5 when Kira Girard, mother of ALDC dancer Kalani Hilliker, was accused of having a criminal history. While guest star Tracey Reasons told everyone on the Lifetime series that Girard had been “arrested for credit card fraud,” details about her checkered past were not revealed, until now.

Documents obtained by Radar Online show that Girard, then Kira Salazar, was arrested in connection to a fraud scheme that included theft of funds and a failure to deliver goods in October 2005. The reality TV star was indicted on four counts of felony charges and one count of attempted theft in her home state of Arizona.

Girard, now a mother of three, was accused of being in on a scheme that tricked four people into paying an estimated total of $15,525 for HD televisions on eBay. “Kira Salazar has the buyers send their money to her via personal check or electronic wire transfer, and then fails to deliver their merchandise or refund their money,” reads the documents.

Girard denied any wrongdoing at the time of her arrest, saying someone was using her name and eBay account to sell the items. The documents revealed that she kept her passwords in her purse, which her boyfriend at the time, Todd Cash, had access to. After police obtained images of her depositing the victim’s checks, Girard reportedly admitted to giving the eBay users false tracking numbers.

Girard pleaded guilty, was put on two years probation and paid almost $6,000 in fines. Eight years later, she and Kalani joined the Season 2 cast of Abby Lee Miller’s Lifetime spinoff, “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.” Kalani did not win the show, but she did go on to star on “Dance Moms” the following year. The 15-year-old is now a permanent member of Abby’s elite junior team.

Girard is far from the first cast member of “Dance Moms” to have legal trouble. Miller is currently fighting her own battle after being indicted on 20 counts of bankruptcy fraud in October. She faces up to a $5 million in fines and five years in prison if convicted.

“Dance Moms” will air its last episode of Season 6 on Tuesday, May 24, on Lifetime. The cast is currently filming new episodes in Los Angeles.