It may be fun to watch the pictures of an overcrowded train with thousands of passengers trying to fit in the space by hanging or clinging the rods and the edges or a farmer trying to control an overloaded cart with his horse lifted in the air due to weight.

But have you ever thought about the plight of those people who have to apply this approach towards the life to meet the daily needs and financial strata. Well, there is a world beyond the synthetic borders of our nations which is still suffering a lot of pain and not provided with basic facilities like transport and conveyance to move forward with the oodles of work. And the worst is no one is taking any major step to improve the situation and the troubles of these citizens continue to prevail due to low economic conditions.

Flip through the slideshow and have a look at the dangerously overloaded transports, not for some casual fun but to understand that these someones face risk just fulfill their staple requirements.