Danica Patrick
Danica Patrick is the new face behind Justin Timberlake's William Rast Eyewear PRWire

On the heels of an Indy 500 win this weekend, Justin Timberlake's denim brand William Rast has announced an endorsement agreement with champion racecar driver and model Danica Patrick.

The brunette beauty will endorse William Rast Eyewear and William Rast Racing Eyewear, wearing it on and off the racetrack, and she will be featured in upcoming campaigns.

William Rast's New America culture is centered around updating and modernizing iconic Americana values and traditions, William Rast CEO Colin Dyne said in a statment. What better time for us to take a bold step in showing our true New America values, than at the Centennial celebration of the Indy 500, a true celebration of not only American heritage and tradition but also the future of racing, and by partnering with one the world's most iconic and groundbreaking athletes, Danica Patrick.

At Indy, you have to take that chance and set yourself apart, Patrick said in a statement. Which is why I love this partnership with William Rast and William Rast Eyewear. Fashion is very personal and it directly reflects your style and how you do things. I am very driven and focused on my performance, and to me, this brand reflects my attitude, personal style, drive and desire to win. And we all know at Indy - it's all about the Win.

Dan Wheldon was driving a William Rast-sponsored car when he won the 100th Anniversary Indy 500 race on May 29, 2011.

The endorsement agreement comes amid speculation that Patrick might race full-time for NASCAR in 2012, which could impact her ability to compete in next year's Indy 500. In Sunday's race, she was leading for 10 laps until she was forced to stop and re-fuel.

Every time I've been to Indy it makes me want to be back even more, Patrick told AP sports writer Chris Jenkins. I was saying after the race that every time I come and I don't win, I get more mad every time. I think you just realize how close it can be so many times and that's what, I think, makes so many people want to come back to Indy.