A pet cat in India stopped a deadly snake from entering her owner's house by standing guard outside the home, photos shared by a media outlet showed.

The incident took place in the eastern state of Odisha. However, the exact date of the incident was not known. People nearby had spotted the snake outside the house, and informed reptile helpline workers to remove the venomous cobra. As the locals waited for the helpline workers to arrive and transport the snake back to its natural habitat, the cat remained at the door for half an hour.

Sampath Parida, a resident of the house, said their cat is only one-and-a-half years old. "It lives with us like a family member," Parida said, according to NDTV.

The images shared on Twitter were liked by thousands of users, with many commenting about the daredevil feline. Some users also shared their  experiences with their protective cats.

"Here's mine. Once they select you as their pet (see what I did there?), they will save you from the dangers which only they can see," one user wrote. Another replied to the tweet saying, "Wow. This cat upgraded itself to a dog."

One user wrote about the "instinctive nature" of cats, saying that felines like to play a standoff with other creatures until one of them backs off. 

One user recommended a treat for it and wrote, "She needs to be given 'wet chicken in gravy' cat food."

Last year in the U.S., a pet dog protected his owner from a deadly snake. However, the dog was bitten by the reptile. Haley McCormack did not notice the snake when she was entering her house in Davidson County in Tennessee. “As I pass the corner of my front porch, the snake is already recoiled back,” McCormack told YourCentralValley at the time. “Arlo (the dog) lunged out and actually grabbed it by its tail.” The dog killed the copperhead snake before it could bite the owner. However, the canine was bitten at least three times on the face by the reptile. 

Cobra Representational image. Photo: Getty Images