(Warning: The video contains explicit language.)

The latest installment of Hulu and Blumhouse Television’s horror series, “Into The Dark,” which stars Clayne Crawford and Josephine Langford, hits the streaming platform on Friday, but International Business Times has an exclusive clip to hold fans over until then.

With an average running time of 85 minutes, each episode of the anthology series is essentially its own movie. There will be 12 installments in the franchise total, with a new one out every month and each inspired by a different holiday. The series kicked off in 2018 with, naturally, a Halloween episode, and Friday’s (episode 9) is Father’s Day-themed.

Titled “They Come Knocking,” it centers on Nathan (Crawford), who, after losing his wife to cancer, decides to take his daughters (Langford’s Claire and Lia McHugh’s Maggie) on a family road trip. The adventure doesn’t go quite as planned when they find themselves “in the crosshairs of terrifying supernatural entities,” the episode synopsis reveals.

This will be Crawford’s first TV role since exiting Fox’s since-canceled “Lethal Weapon” last year. He starred as Martin Riggs on the series for two seasons, from 2016 to 2018.

As for Langford, she recently starred as Tessa Young in “After,” the film adaptation of the first novel in Anna Todd’s romance series of the same name. A sequel movie is already in the works. “Into The Dark” is her first project since the film’s April release and her first TV role since her time on “Wolf Creek” in 2017.

into the dark 109 clip
Clayne Crawford and Josephine Langford star in Hulu’s newest “Into The Dark” episode. Hulu / Richard Foreman

IBT’s exclusive clip of the two actors in “Into The Dark” (watch above) features a shouting Nathan trying to find his daughter Claire, with only her screams guiding him. Before he reaches her, she’s seen inside a dark storage unit, banging on the door, screaming for help and using her phone as a flashlight. As she calls out, a strange, disheveled being crawls on the floor behind her. Once saved, a shaken Claire explains to her dad that she wasn’t alone in there.

“There’s something in there,” she says in the clip. “It looked like it was mom. I think I’m going crazy.”

All Nathan sees when he goes in there, though, is a creepy-looking doll.

The father-daughter duo quickly heads back to their trailer after Claire reveals she doesn’t know where her sister Maggie is. Luckily, they find her waiting in the motor home with a doll of her own.

How did Claire get locked in the storage unit? What was that spirit locked in there with her? Where did Maggie go when Claire thought she was lost? Find out when the new June 2019 episode of “Into The Dark” begins streaming on Hulu on Friday.