The first official trailer for Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” film adaptation is finally here. Twitter users had mixed reactions about the action-packed clip.

“The Dark Tower” trailer shows a gun-toting Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey coming face-to-face after embarking on long, arduous journeys.  Elba is joined by a young boy, who believes he’s having visions — he’s convinced they’re real, despite his psychiatrist telling him otherwise. Determined to stick to his convictions, he goes deeper into his next vision and connects with Elba’s character.

The gunslinger reveals his mission — to protect the tower at all costs. The pair are determined to stop McConaughey’s character, the man in black, from destroying the structure and killing all of humanity. It won’t be easy stopping a man Elba’s character describes as “worse” than the devil himself though.

Some Twitter users weren’t buying McConaughey’s on-screen confidence and felt it read more as arrogance. Others thought the trailer was pro-gun propaganda. Some, however, are excited for “The Dark Tower” and weren’t afraid to express it online.

There’s one thing in the “Dark Tower” trailer everyone can agree on — There’s one exciting Easter egg sprinkled in. E! Online reported an Overlook Hotel photo sighting, which is a reference to “The Shining.” Viewers were quick to spot the subtle nod and are loving it.

“The Dark Tower” received an initial release date in 2015. Sony announced in a press release that the film would be in theaters January 13, 2017. That date has since been changed.

A fluctuating release isn’t the only problem “The Dark Tower” has faced. The film was initially announced in 2010 only to be dropped by Warner Bros. in 2012. It’s since been picked up again by Sony, but it’s been a long hard road to the silver screen.

“The Dark Tower” was initially set to be produced by Universal Pictures. The deal fell through in 2011 according to the Hollywood Reporter. Executives cited “difficulties” reaching an agreement with Ron Howard.

The film also faced casting issues. Javier Bardem was initially rumored to be playing Roland, the gunslinger. He bowed out after repeated stalling of “The Dark Tower,” though. Howard and Brian Grazer are said to have shopped the idea to Russell Crowe, who we now know passed.

A lot of the casting issues were believed to stem from the uncertainty of whether “The Dark Tower” would be both a film and a miniseries. Such a project requires locking an actor into a lengthy and detailed contract. This can be a major turnoff to busy stars who are eyeing other projects.

The film is set to be the first of a series, based on the book “The Gunslinger.” The plot of the book centers on Roland Deschain, who’s searching for a dark tower in the hopes of saving the world. It’s not yet been announced if/when the subsequent sequels will be made.

Despite the drama and uncertainty, the film has been made and is set to make its silver screen debut. “The Dark Tower” will hit theaters Aug. 4.