Darktide Psykinetic
The Psyker's Psykinetic subclass from Darktide Fatshark


  • Purgatus Staff flames count as Soulblaze damage
  • The build focuses on stacking Warp Charges without using Brain Burst
  • Bring a Force Sword for assassination missions and single-target DPS

The Psyker class gets a lot of flak for its seemingly low damage output in the higher difficulty levels of "Darktide." While that's generally true, there is a way to take full advantage of the class' unique feats in order to deal absurd DPS against waves of weaker targets.

Here's an anti-horde Psyker Psykinetic build that focuses on building and expending Warp Charges without relying on Brain Burst.

Recommended Weapons

The Purgatus Staff is the key to making this build work. It does abysmal on-hit damage, but its quick attack can stagger enemies, while its charged attack lets the Psyker unleash a torrent of Warp Fire that can burn anything to a crisp. Any flame staff will do, though one with Warp Flurry is ideal.

Though it has excellent wave-clearing potential, the real reason the Purgatus Staff is this build's preferred primary weapon is that its flames are actually counted as Soulblaze. It does damage over time just like ordinary fire, but it synergizes with the Psykinetic's feats.

As for the melee weapon, players will want to pick one according to the mission they want to run. For assassination missions, a Force Sword will be extremely helpful for burning the boss down. Those who want a general-purpose weapon may opt for axes, combat blades or chainswords instead.

Darktide Psyker Purgatus Staff
The Psyker's Purgatus staff in action Darktide


Ascendant Blaze is the glue that keeps this entire build together. Its passive effect grants the Psyker a 10% chance to gain a Warp Charge every time an enemy is killed by Soulblaze. Charges can then be spent by using Psykinetic's Wrath in order to knock down enemies while simultaneously igniting them with Warp Fire.

This capstone feat alone is enough to make this build viable for Heresy and Damnation difficulty runs. However, players should take the following to get the most out of their talent tree:

  • Essence Harvest
  • Inner Tranquility
  • Psychic Communion
  • Mind in Motion
  • Kinetic Flayer

Kinetic Flayer and Psychic Communion will maximize passive Warp Charge generation, completely taking Brain Burst out of the equation when it comes to maintaining a full stack of charges. However, players should still use Brain Burst to take out snipers and gunners safely.

This build is arguably the best when it comes to clearing out hordes. However, the Surge Staff will still outshine it in the crowd control department.

Darktide Psyker Flames
Psykers use Force Staves to cast Warp magic on enemies Fatshark