DASH Dolls
The stars of the latest Kardashian spin-off show "DASH Dolls' have been bringing in a lot of drama inside the Kardashian sisters' store. E! Online

After one full season of the new Kardashian spin-off series titled “DASH Dolls,” the cast has started to enjoy some level of fame and notoriety. DASH Merchandiser Durrani Popal has caught a lot of attention during the season. Unfortunately, the events in the finale, where she told her boyfriend Shalom that she is willing to convert to Judaism, have drawn a lot of criticism.

“I'm really upset she's converting,” says user @julie_torrez, one of the many fans who commented on an Instagram post, where Durrani promoted a season finale sale on her jewelry store.

“Good luck with that seriously hope Allah guides your heart back to Islam,” says another user with the handle @hamdi_haji_ . “No need to leave your religion and lose your family's love and break your dad and mother’s heart over a guy who could leave you tomorrow or die tomorrow you never know,” he continues.

The comments stem from Durrani’s decision to stand by her boyfriend, even after her parents disowned her. In the Season 1 finale of “DASH Dolls,” Durrani’s brother came to visit her. Durrani introduced him to her boyfriend, Shalom. Durrani comes from a Muslim family, while her boyfriend is Jewish.

Her brother, Abdullah, was completely against her decision, but he agreed to break the news gently to their parents. As expected, they didn’t take it well and they cut her off. Shalom decided to have a serious talk with durrani to ask her about her plans for their future.

He told her that he does not want to them to waste each other’s time if nothing can be worked out in the future. Durrani assured him that even if it hurts her that her family can’t accept their relationship, she is still willing to stand by him. She went so far as to say that she is willing to convert to Judaism when the time comes.

The pair has strengthened their relationship, but many are not pleased. However, Durrani said during the episode that she is only concerned about her personal choice and her own happiness.