Dating Naked Season 1, Episode 2 recap
Find out all the dirty details about episode 2 of "Dating Naked." VH1/Dating Naked

“Dating Naked” returned to VH1 for its second episode of Season 1 – and dare we say it was even more awkward than the premiere. Yes, apparently that is possible. A majority of the awkwardness, however, was due to 34-year-old Aussie native – and “Dating Naked” contestant – Steven. Because of his socially awkward ways we’re now able to bring viewers the top 5 most uncomfortable moments of episode 2. Ready to cringe?

1. When Steven attempted to break to ice with Taryn, he could clearly sense how nervous she was. So, he came up with this little diddy: “Taryn came off a little stiff -- that was something I thought I’d have to worry about,” he told the cameras during a confessional. Good one, Steve. Turns out Steven was chock-full of dirty jokes, which his second date eventually called him out for.

2. Steven’s second date was with the southern beauty Ashley. The two spent their evening ATV-ing through the jungle. But because Steven wasn’t experienced Ashley took the reigns – or should we say gears? As Steven straddled her from the rear he was quick to make a sexual-jab. “What am I going to hold on to?” he said, squeezing the air with his hands. Ashley warned him not to get too cozy.

3. But Steven wasn’t the only one to leave us red in the cheeks during “Dating Naked.” Things took a turn for Awkwardville during Taryn’s date with the zen-hottie, Dar, when the Oregonian photographed the clearly-uncomfortable Californian for their day date. Dar was incredibly supportive as he instructed Taryn how to pose on the beach but we could hardly appreciate his sweet personality because, well -- who takes nude photos on a first date?

4. Marissa was the third contestant to go out on a date with Steven and we could have sworn it was love at first quip. But the video game enthusiast shocked us – and Steven, too – when she revealed her "poor treatment" towards men. She admitted that she sees men like candy – chewing them up and spitting them out after she gets what she wants. This concerns Steven considering he's looking here for love -- or something close to it. But hey, you have to respect Marissa's honesty. We just doubt Steven will ever be able to look at Orbit the same way again.

5. One of the last cringe-worthy moments of episode 2 was when Taryn was forced to choose between Dar, the spiritual-soul from Portland, or Andrew, the beach-y looking boy with the sick Salsa moves.

We know Andrew was the obvious choice with his sandy, blonde locks and charming personality but didn't Taryn say she was looking for something different? And well -- that pretty much sums up Dar. He connected with Taryn on an emotional-level instead of just having a physical attraction like Andrew. But when Taryn opted to "follow her heart" we could have sworn we heard groans around the world.

Did you watch “Dating Naked”? What did you think of episode 2? We want to hear your thoughts about VH1’s latest series in the comments section below.