Dating Naked season 1 spoilers
What happened during episode 7 of "Dating Naked"? Check out our recap of the Season 1 episode. VH1/Dating Naked

“Dating Naked” aired its most intense episode to date Thursday night on VH1. During episode 7, viewers were introduced to A.J., a professional wrestler looking for love, and Liddy, a free spirit searching for a “butterflies in your stomach” kind of romance.

But these two kids didn’t exactly hit it off on their first “Dating Naked” outing. After their banana boat adventure, they returned to the jungle bungalow to grab some food. But it seemed that their dinner date was filled with more bumps than their tubing excursion.

Liddy revealed she wasn’t too keen on compromising when it comes to relationships, which A.J. didn’t find reassuring. By the end of the day the daters came to the conclusion they were more on the level of friends than lovers.

But as episode 7 of “Dating Naked” continued, the duo came to the realization that maybe they had written each other off way too quick. After Liddy’s disaster date with “nice guy Steve” and A.J.'s rendezvous with Meg, the former New York stripper, the original daters decided maybe they had extinguished their spark before it could become a flame.

That’s why Liddy opted to catch A.J.’s eye on the second jungle villa night when she performed a sexy striptease. A.J. was turned on by Liddy’s moves, but he still felt like he needed to explore his relationship with Meg. Was he just attracted to her giant breasts, or was there an emotional connection as well? It turns out he only had eyes for her boobs.

But it was Liddy and A.J.’s third and final dates that really tested the waters. A.J. was completely smitten with Xandra. The two even shared a steamy kiss during their beer pong date. But when nighttime fell, Xandra sent out signs that she was completely uninterested in A.J., which left him feeling a bit blue.

A.J. then decided Liddy suited him best, but by the time he realized that she was getting her flirt on with “frat boy Steve” in the pool.

Steve wasn’t shy about revealing his crude side. Not only did he inappropriately play with the blowup dolphin in the pool, but he was also caught objectifying Meg countless times, which caused A.J. to describe him as a “knuckle dragging d**che bag.”

A.J. decided to reach out to Liddy once last time to see if what he felt was real.

“Do you feel like we wrote it off a little too early?” he asked her, acknowledging their spark for the first time. Liddy explained that she tried to catch his eye on the second night but he was too busy staring at Meg and her “smuggled cantaloupes.”

“I’m not impressed by Meg,” he responded.

Eventually the two shared a kiss, but did the daters see fireworks? When time came for the final decision, A.J. revealed that he wanted to continue getting to know Liddy, which Xandra (who thought she had it in the bag) replied with a classy “up yours.”

After a few suspenseful moments (and a commercial break later) Liddy revealed A.J.’s feelings were mutual. The two shared a kiss before wandering off into the jungle.

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