Did you happen to catch the latest episode of “Dating Naked”? Well, if you didn’t then we advise you catch up – as soon as possible – because episode 5 of the VH1 reality show was hands down the funniest and most disastrous one we’ve seen thus far.

Where do we even begin with this train wreck of an episode? How about with the New Jersey native, Diana, who giggled as much as she drank.

Diana was the second woman Mike had to court during episode 5. And unfortunately she had the task of competing with Candice, Mike’s first date who with he shared a seriously steamy connection with.

Before Mike and Diana even met he revealed during his confessional that he would be privately thinking of Candice on his second date. But it didn’t look too private to us – especially when Mike started drifting off during his conversations with Diana.

But can you blame him? At one point of their odd naked-croquet date Diana revealed that she was once was kicked off a waterslide for getting too drunk on rum. Maybe not the best ice breaker, dear.

When it was finally time to go back to the cabana we knew Diana was going to lose it when she saw the fiery connection between Mike and Candice. See, Diana has relationship issues – her last partnership didn’t work out after “he had a baby with a girl he cheated on me with,” she nonchalantly revealed during her one-on-one with Mike.

And just as we predicted Diana wasn’t too keen when she saw how comfortable Mike and Candice were getting. At one point she even dissed Candice’s looks while she referred to herself as a “glamorous bombshell.”

But all her “glam” makeup seemed to be a waste when it started dripping down her face. Diana was completely crushed when she saw Mike leave for a romantic hammock hangout with Candice.

And she revealed just how upset she was to Mike when the second cabana night rolled around. After having a heart felt conversation with Mike’s third date, Amber, Diana decided Mike needed to know how much he hurt her.

“I feel like I’m stuck in ‘Groundhog Day,’” Mike said of his talk with Diana. “This is never going to end.”

While Mike was getting an earful from Diana, Candice was patiently waiting in her room for Mike to spend some quality one-on-one time with her. This is when Candice’s third date Marcus saw the perfect opportunity to make his move. He headed up to Candice’s room and next thing we know the two lovebirds are locking lips. In fact, they were so into their make out session that Candice neglected to hear Mike knocking on her door after he finally escaped Diana’s perfectly polished clutches.

When it came down to decision day, Mike went with his gut and chose Candice over Amber.

“Who wouldn’t want to date me?” Amber replied a bit perplexed.

But ultimately it was Mike left baffled when Candice opted for Marcus to end up happily ever after with. She revealed that the reason she chose Marcus, besides him being “romantic, spontaneous and well hung,” is because Mike left her hanging while she waited for him in her room.

When Candice revealed her choice, Diana couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. Looks like she got the last laugh after all.

What did you think of episode 5 of “Dating Naked”? Were you excited to see some controversy in the final decision scene? Sound off in the comments section below.