Gun lovers now have a dating website dedicated to them.

Concealed Carry Match allows its users to meet other members who have similar views on Second Amendment rights. The development is potentially controversial, considering the anti-gun rhetoric that has been doing the rounds following the spate of shootings in the United States in the recent past.

Working on a similar platform as other niche dating sites, Traverse City, Michigan-based offers a paid membership, ranging from $10 weekly to $150 for a year. The site launched last month and reportedly registered opening-day traffic of 10,000 interested visitors, signaling at an increased intensification of the debate on gun control ahead of the presidential election in November.

Democrats have repeatedly called for wider controls on the sale of weapons while the Republicans stand against any such restriction on people’s right to carry a weapon.

The site’s chief operating officer (COO), Molly Lund, reportedly said it does not have any political agenda and is not a political dating statement, according to weapons-related website

“We just wanted a safe place where people can connect with that expectation that the people they connect with share their beliefs and their lifestyle choices,” COO Molly Lund told in a telephonic interview. “We’re taking away those awkward moments and giving everyone an even starting point.”

Despite its apolitical stand, the latest promotion offered by the website takes a direct dig at democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Referring to the white supremacists who have voiced support for Republican nominee Donald Trump, the former Secretary of State categorized them under a “basket of deplorables.” The new promotions by the site are literally “deplorable.”

“Our belief is if people are open and honest about gun ownership in the first place their intentions are good,” Lund said. “In this respect, we feel it’s the safest option for them to meet others.”

However, the website has faced a fair share of criticism from people who believe it is harboring hate under the garb of connecting like-minded people.