David Blaine, magician and endurance artist is planning a new TV special magic event in 2012.

In an online chat with fans on Tinychat, he said, This is as good as it gets... All magic, nothing else.

It's better than anything that's ever been done, by me at least... It's the most original concept I've ever come up with. It's taken me four years to sort out.

He plans to broadcast the event in May on NBC, according to Digitalspy.com. He hopes to take the stunt on tour all over Europe and North America.

During the video chat, he also demonstrated a few of his new tricks, showed a video of him swimming with sharks and announced his new card deck called the White Lions. He stated that the show will be 100 percent street magic and full of completely new material.

Known for his endurance stunts, David's last performance was The Dive of Death involving hanging upside down for 60 hours in New York's Central Park. This took place in September 2008 nearly three years ago.

Blain's previous stunts involve being suspended in a box for 40 day above the Thames, being frozen in a block of ice and standing over a 100 feet tall and 22 inch wide pillar in Bryant Park, New York City for over 30 hours, facing inclement weather and high winds.

He has also attempted to escape from a gyrascoping ball, and stayed under water for a long period. He had held his breath for a little over 17 minutes in a Oprah Winfrey Show. It was a Guinness record which he held for barely 4 months before it was broken.

Hailed as a modern day Houdini, Blain is credited with getting street Magic back into vogue,. His iconic magic TV shows had him performing tricks on street audience. It was a performance sans the glitz, stage-managing and glamor.

Times magazine once commented that his deceptively low-key, ultra cool manner leaves spectators more amazed than if he'd razzle-dazzled.

A modern day Houdini, street magician or an endurance artist, David Blaine wants to add to his list of feats by teaching his 5-month-old daughter magic tricks from this tender age.